The Archive. A collection of past work samples, projects, & experiments.

  Creative Direction, Identity, Illustration, UX Design, & UI Design

American Trademarks

While working at Blik I helped Eric Baker and Tyler Blik assemble a publication of over 1,000 iconic trademarks from the 1900s. After the book was released, we designed merchandise featuring some of the iconic trademarks found in the collection.


Snap, Snap, Go!

A couple friends and I spent our Saturdays working on game for awful people—Snap, Snap, Go! It's a mix of Apples to Apples, Cards Against Humanity, and Instagram. Players are provided a statement or question and respond with a photo. Photos are then judged by the worldwide Snap, Snap, Go! community. It was once deemed a "...gloriously pointless app," by Pando Daily. 🙂

Cut & Cloth

When I first moved to New York I was surprised by how well everyone dressed. I went to a "casual" client meeting in jeans and a sad plaid shirt. Everyone else was in a suit sans tie. Cut & Cloth leveraged the help and taste from your closest stylish friend(s). How it worked: 1) Provide a reason/event, (e.g. a date, the office, living in NYC); 2) Provide a dollar amount that you're willing to spend; 3) Leverage that stylish friend who knows you and your potential for dressing better; 4) Wait a few days and view a small collection of products chosen by your friend(s). Pick and choose only the items you want to buy.

Pitchers & Plates

When the Miami Marlins were building a new stadium, Barnum Design and I were tasked to design the branding and iPad menus for an upcoming restaurant, Pitchers & Plates.

Eddie's Van-For-Hire

The first time I visited the Philippines, I was picked up at the airport by my Grandmother's neighbor, Eddie. Eddie runs a small taxi service. A very small taxi service. He has one van and one driver (himself). He spent the week driving, touring and recommending places for us to visit and refused any compensation for his time. As a thank you gift I designed an identity for his business. I hope he likes it. 


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